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Meet our Founder.

Katlyn Sutcliffe, CPCN

Canine Bodywork Practitioner


Welcome to Retrieving Wellness, where wagging tails are met with compassionate hands and a whole lot of heart. My love for animals isn't just a passion - it's the driving force behind everything I do. Beginning with the immense transformation I've seen in my own best friend, to the countless tails I've seen wag with comfort after a session, each moment has reinforced my commitment to canine well-being and holistic health. 

With a dedication to ongoing learning, I am continuously seeking out opportunities to refine my skills and expand my knowledge when it comes to the canine body. With each and every opportunity allowing me the ability to provide gentle, effective, and individual care to working dogs, athletes, and everyday canine companions. 

Beyond the professional realm, I'm just like you. A devoted dog mom who understands the bond we share with our 4-legged friends. That's why I treat each and every dog I meet as if they were my own. With compassion, respect, and unwavering dedication. 


None of this would be possible without my side-kick & blonde best friend, Indy. She truly is my happy place and the shining light behind my journey. Thanks for showing me the way, pup. 


With waggy tails & warm hearts, 

Katlyn & Indy 

Professional Designations
  • B. Arts in Psychology, Animal Behaviour - York, University

  • WEBB For Pets Practitioner - Whole Energy Body Balance 

  • Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist - Feed Real Institute

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