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Initial Bodywork Assessment

The initial assessment is designed to gather comprehensive information about your dog's overall health, behaviour, and physical condition. This process includes a physical examination, movement analysis, and a thorough inquiry into your dog's medical history. This assessment serves as the foundation for tailoring an effective and safe bodywork plan to address the specific needs of your dog.

If your dog has gone longer than 12 months without a session, please book an initial appointment. 

Starting at $90 CAD**

Follow Up Session

A follow-up appointment refers to a scheduled session that occurs after the initial assessment or a previous treatment. Its primary purpose is to assess the progress of the dog, address any changes in their condition, and make necessary adjustments to the bodywork plan. During the follow-up, I will re-evaluate your dog's behaviour, mobility, and overall well-being, using the information gathered to refine and optimize the ongoing bodywork sessions. This proactive approach ensures a tailored and effective care continuum, promoting your dog's physical health and comfort over time.

Starting at $75 CAD**

** Travel fees beyond 30km may apply.

** We require 24 hours notice for any cancellations. Because a spot is reserved specifically for you and your pet, please alert us 24 hours ahead of your appointment for any rescheduling needs or the full amount of your appointment may be invoiced. 


Red Light Laser Therapy

Discover the healing power of red light laser therapy - a gentle, yet powerful tool for addressing you dog's injuries. This non-invasive technique is used to alleviate pain, promote tissue repair, and restore mobility. 

If you are interested in adding red light therapy to your appointment, please note during booking, 

Add $10 CAD to appointment fee.

Joint Supplements

In addition to our comprehensive bodywork services, we are proud to offer a range of carefully curated joint supplements tailored to support your dog's mobility and comfort  through natural products. Items will be delivered during your next appointment or local pickup in Newmarket. 

North Hound Life

Golden Turmeric $40.95

Green Lipped Mussels$39.95 

Omega Three with DPA$26.95 

Adored Beast Apothecary

Jump For Joynts$29.99

Potent Sea Omega 3$49.99

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